Honda warranty types

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The Honda warranty coverage types are almost as varied as the vehicles the car manufacturer sells. The company backs up their reputation for reliability with the promise that only qualified technicians using authentic parts will address any problem that does come up during the warranty period. Vehicles owners can rely on quality service with minimal aggravation and hassle.

Original Warranty
When you purchase a Honda car, you should get informed about the new Honda warranty. Honda offers services to all their valued customers and will provide assistance when damages to the car and its parts are involved. You will be surprised to know that the company actually offers a great service and a long list of services. Aside from all these awesome services, every Honda car you purchase comes with a standard warranty. Sometimes they offer replacements free of charge as long as it is valid and it is under their terms and conditions. Otherwise, it is the customer who pays for the damages.

All parts that were a part of your car when you purchased it are covered by the company no matter what type of damage there is. Sometimes, accessories that came with your purchase are also included in the service, although you may want to check with the company’s representative about it. Coverage of parts and accessories lasts about a year or twelve thousand miles of driving; whichever comes first.

Honda powertrain warranty
This is the basic type of warranty one can get. It offers the protection of only the basic components that are needed for the car to run. Original power train warranty is providing the repairs and replacements for about five years long or so, and about sixty thousand miles on the road, whichever comes first will be considered by the company. After that you need to include power train warranty into future purchase of extended warranty. If you prefer this type of warranty, you may stick with it rather than upgrade to extended warranty and pay for more.

Rust and Corrosion Protection
Don’t you just hate it when your car gets all rusty? That’s when it starts looking ugly and it acts all weird and its engine starts making all that noise. Fortunately, Honda covers this type of damage and at the right time too – about five years after you bought your car. That is just about the time that rust and other damaging conditions are starting to occur on your car’s system. By extending the coverage you will not have to worry about rust ever again.

Bumper to bumper warranty
This is the most comprehensive that one can get that will cover your car completely from bumper to bumper, with a few exemptions. Original manufacturer’s warranty usually covers your Honda just a short period of time and limiter mileage, after which one must purchase the extended warranty in order to have similar advantages.

Wear and tear warranty
Not all warranty plans will cover wear and tear; in fact such plans are becoming increasingly rarer. This type of warranty offers servicing the components that are prone to natural wear and tear, that are needed by design to be replaced in the future. Aim to get a plan that will cover both mechanical failure warranties along with wear and tear warranty.

Honda Care extended warranty
The Honda Care Service Contract is available for any car that is model year 2009 or newer and has less than 36,000 miles on the engine. Purchasing this type of contract will protect the owner’s investment past the initial coverage period. This service contract covers virtually every part of the vehicle unless it is listed as a specific exclusion.

Car owners can eliminate worries about expensive car repairs up to 120,000 miles with the Honda extended warranty coverage types available. Extended service contracts are available for all new vehicles still under the original factory warranty. These plans will protect the vehicle owner’s investment and offer peace of mind with low or no deductible required. The additional travel protection services provide even more reason for Honda owners to make sure they are covered.

And when it comes to customer satisfaction, you don’t want it to end right after you purchased it. You might want it to last even after several years and past your warranty period. By getting more Honda warranty information you can find the right option for you that will be there to assist you when your car needs repair and maintenance.

Honda Extended Warranty
This is the coverage that refers to owners of the vehicles that have been on the road for thirty-six thousand miles or three years. Their original warranty has now expired and they are looking for extension. Extended warranties are great for people who want to extend their warranty after the expiration date. This may be due to the fact that maintenance costs are much more affordable when you have such a service to back you up. The number of months or years of the extension can be discussed with the car company’s or with third party aftermarket provider or its representative.