Honda extended warranty extra services and benefits

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Extra services are ideal for those who want an extra measure of security for their vehicle. Like any other similar services, those offered to the owners of the Honda cars will provide them with a lot of important information from a wide variety of topics–from the weather in some parts of the United States, insurance information, emergency services, and even cash advance for emergencies. Let us take a look at some of the most important points of Honda extended warranty extra services that come with your plan.

Travel planing service
Personalized travel planning services will help individuals get to where they are going safely. With this service you are privileged to get the computerized routing and maps available on absolutely no charge. Individuals can request detailed directions for the most scenic or fastest route to their destination in order to get to destination. The service provides digital maps according to any specifications.  It also calculates distance between stops, gives estimation of driving time and details route numbers. The maps even indicate dealer locations along the route in case the car needs service during the trip and will also provide the owner with list of Honda dealers, in case you one gets stuck, or needs Honda parts or services in general.

Trip Interruption
In case you are more than hundred miles away from home, and you vehicle needs to be repaired, Honda service contract can provide you up to$100 per day for meal and lodging for three days.

Weather updates
Enjoy free weather updates when you join the car company’s extended concierge service. Whether you are traveling abroad, to another state, or simply around town, this information will surely come in handy.

Insurance claims services
When it is time to claim your insurance, your concierge will assist you with that. If you somehow find yourself in an accident and you want your insurance to cover the damages, the concierge will simply make a few calls to your insurance company so they will know that you are about to make a claim.

Emergency services
Whether it is an unfortunate accident, a sudden financial crisis, an emergency call you need to make, or calling the police, the concierge will help you in making calls, assisting whenever necessary. It does not matter what type of emergency it is as long as the company considers it as valid. If you are not sure what kind of emergencies they cater to, you can always call them for more information or you can try calling them during your time of crisis and ask them if it is possible to ask for assistance.

Roadside Assistance
This service can be very helpful in the times of need. With this service you can drive away with no out-of-pocket service expenses. Better plans may entitle you to24 hour toll-free servicing, comprehensive towing of the vehicl, lock-out assistance in case you lose your keys, battery jump-start if it gets out of charge, tire changing, fuel delivery and other helpful services.

Rental Car Reimbursement
During the time your Honda requires a covered repair, this service can help you get back on the road with rental car reimbursement, sometimes with fixed amount to pay per day. Numbers of days will depend on the repair time.

Cash Advance
With this service you will be able to get cash assistance. Although it depends on your credit card’s authorization and your credit limit, credit score, as well as your credit card features, the company can offer you assistance whenever you need it.

Glass replacement
Found yourself in an accident where you broke the glass windows of your car? With Honda concierge services is now possible to replace your glass right then and there with just one call to the concierge. They will arrange for someone to help you in times like these. It is also possible to ask for a list of centers nearby where you can ask for further assistance in replacing the broken glass.

By getting the comprehensive extra services you can always count on them to make your life hassle-free while you still have your car. These services are also transferable in case you decide to sell your car. But to mark, the service is transferable one time only.