Warranty Laws

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When buying a Honda used car, it may be wise to know  extended warranty laws.

In most countries, the authorities have established laws governing motoring on their roads. Among these laws are those governing the emissions of each car. For example, there are warranty terms on   exhaust gasses coming from the engine. The manufacturers have to give warranties covering the repair and maintenance of exhaust systems. This covers the car during the period specified and afterwards. It also increases the resale value for those who plan to sell their vehicles in future.

Another important law is that requiring a certification to accompany each car displayed in a showroom. This certification attests that the car has been tried, tested and certified to meet the operational standards set for the roads. The laws however do not standardize the test parameters.

The laws also clarify the responsibility of a manufacturer to the buyer of a motor vehicle. They do not compel the sellers or the manufacturers to provide warranties. The agreement is strictly between the seller and the buyer and must be in writing. After, paying all the fees and signing the necessary documents, one is now protected under the law.

Warranty laws also state that it is criminal offense for a dealer to violate the warranty terms. The buyers have a legal right to sue the dealers for breach of warranty contract. To safeguard themselves, buyers should avoid verbal agreements.

Most manufacturers issue limited period warranties to attract more clients. They do this because exuding confidence in their cars is an assurance to the client that he or she is buying a high quality product. Most people are willing to pay a lot of money for high quality things.

Insurance companies do not accept to pay claims for financial losses arising out of the negligence of the manufacturers. Therefore, even if the owner has a valid insurance cover, chances are high that he or she has to pay. Dealers of motor vehicles sell these agreements with their cars.