Honda Care Extended Warranty

Searching for the Honda extended warranty?

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Honda Care service contract provides a great value for owners of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. It extends beyond Honda factory warranty covering almost every part of Honda vehicle from drive train to electronics, and also extends to original factory accessories. Even parts like timing belt and water pump are covered.

Check for the coverage that comes with your car – if Honda vehicle is purchased within last three years, it has traveled less than 36,000 miles, then it qualifies for new car Honda warranty limited warranty, backed by Honda company. If vehicle is older that three years or has more than 36,000 miles behind, it is covered by Honda care power-train warranty until the vehicle is 5 years old or it has passed more than 60,000 miles. If your vehicle still qualifies for original warranty, it may not be needed to extend it.

Honda Care vehicle service contracts can be purchased for any Honda vehicle and is capped at 120,000 miles or 8 years. If the car does not qualify because of mileage or age, the owner will need to find some other company if he wants the similar level of protection. Start of Honda care coverage begins with the date of the purchase and the current mileage of the car of the same date. Honda provides service-backed protection package that will give you peace of mind knowing you will not need to pay for unexpected charges in times of need. It involves useful features such as roadside assistance (towing, lockout assistance fuel delivery etc), rental car reimbursement, trip routing and trip interruption.

Honda Care warranty is considered as “exclusionary coverage” meaning that it covers every problem except those listed in a short list of items that are not covered. Warranty transfer is possible between private parties in case of a sale of the vehicle. But it is not unlimited – it is possible to transfer one contract just once. Financing of Honda care contract is often possible with an interest-free monthly payment plan and by lease payment.

With the benefits also come certain responsibilities. You will be required to maintain your automobile according to user’s manual, following the service schedule as outlined. Intervals of those scheduled checks can be shorten in order to make best out of their car. You are free to use aftermarket parts; they will not void the warranty, but come covered parts will lose coverage if aftermarket parts were the cause of genuine part failure.

Honda owners will not need to go exclusively to Honda dealers for regular maintenance; they are free to perform maintenance at any place as long as they keep the proof that maintenance of the car has been performed. They are also free to change the oil on their own, but should also save the proof that they have done it according to service schedule, having receipts of purchases. If lack of maintenance is suspected as the cause of failure, proof of maintenance will come in handy.

Honda Care warranty can be used at any licensed facility. You can use your own mechanic, but the repair has to be approved by Honda first, and will only let the genuine Honda parts to be used to repair the car. Claims are handled by Honda dealer and are paid by Honda directly.